Minneapolis Fur Ban: The “local” Push


A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

The Minneapolis City Council will consider an ordinance banning all manufacturing and sales of fur related items in the city. The ordinance, which was authored by Council Member Alondra Cano and co-authored by Council Member Cam Gordon, would prohibit the sale and manufacture of animal fur products inside the city limits.

A closer look at the push for the ban will bring you to a group called Fur Free Minneapolis (furfreeminneapolis.org). Fur Free Minneapolis is an organization whose main goal is to stop the production and sale of fur products. A visit to furfreeminneapolis.org will introduce you to the group. A click on the “Coalition Partners” link will bring you to a long list of organizations supporting Fur Free Minneapolis such as the national group PETA and more locally groups such as Howling For Wolves; a Minnesota-based organization fighting any type of hunting or trapping of wolves in Minnesota.

In addition to the list of partners on the groups page, you can find this:

Call Script
A script from Fur Free Minneapolis describing word-for-word what to say to your representative

This script, provided by Fur Free Minneapolis, will guide you with a heavy hand and tell you word-for-word what to say to your representative. It lists the numbers and ward to each representative in Minneapolis.

Fur Free Minneapolis describes itself as a “grassroots coalition of volunteers” and makes it seem as though only a few local Minnesotans got together to form a group.  In reality, Fur Free Minneapolis is an extension of its well funded anti-hunting, anti-fur, and anti-sportsman “coalition partners” including the well known group PETA. These same groups have aided in passing legislation in California and currently are pushing for similar legislation in New York City.

The point of this article is not to argue to one way or the other on sale and use of animal based products, but to reveal this for what it is; an attack on hunting and trapping rights of Minnesotans by a broader group of “Coalition Partners”. It is a step towards becoming as “progressive” and “civilized” as those in states such as California. More importantly, It is a loss of rights for businesses and sportsman alike. A loss of rights hidden by the disguise of “animal cruelty”.

I personally love animals. I pet every friendly dog I can. My family has had pet cats, dogs, and even raised a healthy flock of free ranged chickens for eggs. I have distinct memories as a child of bottle feeding orphaned kittens. I was brought up with a clear respect for animals.  I will be the first person in line with torch and pitchfork in the fight against animal cruelty but in my mind, there is a clear distinction between hunting and trapping and animal cruelty and the message put forth by  Fur Free Minneapolis

Furthermore, I believe this is not just a Minneapolis problem, but a problem for broader Minnesota. Minneapolis is a stepping stone on the ultimate goal of these groups which is to ban the sale and manufacture of any and all fur and animal related products in Minnesota. Some may think that conclusion is a stretch, but if you look at California, the statewide fur ban started as an ordinance in cities similar in size to Minneapolis.

I am concerned for the rights of my generation and those that follow. I am concerned these restrictions are the tip of the iceberg and that we will continue to lose our hunting and trapping rights. I am concerened that the history and heritage of Minnesotans, and more so, Americans in general are at risk. I am concerned my children will not have the rights that I do as a sportsman today, and I hope you are too.



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