A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

santa wavePhoto Courtesy of Stacy Smith

At A Glance

On the surface of this photo taken by Stacy Smith of McGregor, you see a snapshot in the life of a young local kid giving Santa the best wave she can. No doubt, a friendly wave to the jolly big guy will solidify her spot atop the nice list and squash any chances of receiving a lump of coal in her stocking. Santa and Mrs. Clause merrily make their way through the streets of McGregor riding in a fire truck (the sleigh must have been in the shop getting prepped for Christmas Eve). If there ever was a perfect scene for a snow globe, this would be it. At a glance, this snapshot could make even the “grinchiest” of hearts grow.

The True Holiday Spirit

To find the true holiday spirit of this photo, you must dive under the thick layers of cuteness and holiday joy and see the picture worth a thousand words. To see that hidden picture you have to look past the belly (that shakes like a bowl full of jelly), under the hat, and through the beard. Under all of that Kris Kringle Holiday Jingle might just lie a first responder selflessly giving his (or her… Mrs. Clause) time back to the community he or she serves.  That big red truck with the flashing lights got to the parade by someone donating a moment of their life. Someone spent their own time during this holiday season to wash that truck, fuel it up, and stock it full of treats to throw some lucky kid along the street. Some one decorating a truck, or trailer, or atv out there just might be a local Police Officer, Firefighter, or Paramedic donating more of his or her time for our benefit. This photo encompasses the benefits and joy we receive from the hard work that all of our first responders and community volunteers do. This picture is one replicated many times over, in many areas across our state.

This effort put forth by these folks is on top of all the work that already goes on behind the scenes to keep our communities safe. So while you celebrate with your family, take time to appreciate that we are all able to sleep well knowing that help is just a phone call away.

Its good to remember:

Twas’ the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

not a creature was stirring,

not even a mouse,

but if there’s a fire,

or a medical call,

you cant bet someone’s coming,

to handle it all.


Thank you to all the Folks that keep us safe!


Merry Christmas!

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