Santa Is Coming To Town

… and he rode in a fire truck!

santa wave

Photo Courtesy of Stacy Smith

The small fleet of various floats, trucks and emergency vehicles made it’s way through McGregor Saturday, December 7th capping off a fun filled day of cookies, hot chocolate, and live Christmas Carols!


The floats lined up and made their way down Maddy street and were greeted by wide eyed local kids hoping to snag a piece of candy being tossed from the various vehicles.


The Nathan Fredrickson Logging Truck shifted into full cheer mode and won best in show for the floats!79160212_10221273495328367_2875422064267755520_o



Santa was running the boom and doing a great job keeping all the logs stacked up nice!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the parade and we cant wait for the parade to come to town next year!


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