Made in McGregor: Goff’s Bay Catering, Salsa & Sauces

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The Spoon That Spurred the Man

In my families quest to shop local and find new businesses, we stopped in at the McGregor Sip & Shop early in November. Booths were spread out full of local businesses and artists alike. The first table we stopped at was Goff’s Bay Catering, Salsa and Sauces. I dipped a sample spoon into the corny salsa and moved on to the next table not putting much attention into it. As I walked, the flavors revealed themselves and I knew I had to go back for another visit.  On my return visit, I sampled some of the other salsa’s they had to offer and was impressed again on how good they were. In our small business shopping spree we brought home a jar of the “Corny Salsa” and a bottle of the Johnson Honey they offer. This is a rich honey that has been sweetening up my wife’s tea ever since the show.

A Fresh Take

At our house, we enjoy salsa, and as I write this article, I am baptizing tortilla chips, one by one, in a bowl of “Corny Salsa” from Goffs Bay Catering, Salsa & Sauces. The best way I can describe my salsa eating session today is simply fresh.  When I say simply fresh, I mean that if you told me that the elegant mix of corn, tomatoes, and spices were all just pulled straight from the garden 10 minutes prior to me eating them, I wouldn’t question it one bit.  As a man with questionable self control when it comes to good salsa, I am on the verge of consuming most of the container in one sitting.


Local Ties

Peg and Andy (Froggy) Johnson live on Big Sandy Lake just north of McGregor MN. Peg was born and raised in Duluth, MN. Prior to landing in the McGregor area, Peg lived in South Dakota, Alaska, and most recently Texas. She found herself moving to McGregor to work as the Chef at the Minnesota National golf course with plans to only live here part time before meeting her now husband Andy. Peg has been in the service/restaurant management industry for over 30 years and holds a degree in human services. As Peg puts it, food is her passion and has always had a “hand” in it! Peg found herself working a lot of weekends and holidays all while making and selling hot sauce and salsa as a cottage food producer. She decided it was time to work on her own business and went full time aquiring her catering license in 2018. Peg and Andy are members of the Aitkin Farmers Market, Sustainable Farmers Association, and soon joining the Free Range Owners Coop.  Peg also started the McGregor Area Sip & Shop! This is a gathering of many different local businesses and artists and has been a great success for small business and the community alike. Peg says they do their best to purchase fresh local produce for catering and their products. One bite of their corny salsa has me believing that!

What They Offer


Goff’s Bay Catering, Salsa and Sauces offer catering for small gatherings all the way up to large business meals. They also offer a variety of Salsa’s and Sauces.


The current product list is as follows:

Hot Sauce, Salsa Picante ( 2019 Salsa Fest people’s choice award!) Sissy Salsa, Corny Salsa, Jalapeno Jelly, Chili Fix’ins, BBQ Sauce and Johnson Honey. Peg will be adding 3-4 new sauces to the list!

Where to Find Them

With the ink fresh on the retail application, the salsa and sauces will hopefully be available in local stores in 2020! You can text or email peg directly to purchase any of the products. A fresh jar of local salsa makes a great Christmas present! You can also check out their Facebook page!

Phone: 218-392-0919



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