A Simple Gesture of Kindness

winter storm warning

It’s cold out there

Let’s face it, winter is here around the McGregor area. Winter Storm Warnings are in full effect If you are in denial, take a step out your front door and shake hands with Jack Frost. Thanksgiving is here and Christmas soon to follow and before I consume an unhealthy amount of turkey I have something to get off my mind. It is always a good time of year especially around thanksgiving to take stock of your blessings. Family, friends, and good health are all great examples of things to be thankful for. I certainly am appreciative for those people and blessings that we have in my family’s little world. Among all the things I am thankful for in my life stands a recent and powerful gesture that I believe is worth sharing.

Busy, Busy, Busy

It was a recent crisp November night, about dinner time and I was working on a project in my shop before dinner. The scene at our household was a common one this time of year; leaky noses, low fevers, and coughs. This particular variety of cold or flu or whatever type of ailment we had contracted was bad. The kids were drained of their usual bounce-off-the-wall energy and weren’t sleeping well and consequently, neither were mom and dad.

Due to a prior commitment, I had a woodworking project to complete and instead of joining the kids on the couch wrapped in blankets, I was making sawdust as the chatter of the scroll saw I was using filled the air. A familiar figure moseyed into my shop and I paused my cutting. My hearty-northland neighbor came over for a quick chat. We shot the breeze for a few minutes and I must have mentioned about the leaky nose convention taking place inside my house. We concluded our conversation and the chatter of the scroll saw continued. Ten minutes went by and soon appeared another hearty-northlander in my shop. The second visitor of the night was my first visitors’ wife bearing gifts of fresh hot soup; a simple gesture of kindness.  We talked for short minute, I thanked her for the soup, and she ventured back home.

Soup That Could Move Mountains

The physical soup itself was great. Tender meat and veggies with a little kick, just how I like it. With every spoonful consumed, I could feel the chill I had acquired in the shop subside. After wolfing down a good portion of the container, an odd feeling tugged at me. The only way I can describe that feeling is one of debt. I don’t believe that a favor done for you requires a return favor, and I’m sure that any gift of soup I could concoct would tasted like old tires, but I felt a need to do something to benefit someone else because of the benefit of soup we had enjoyed. I couldn’t quite figure out how to rid that feeling until now. My way of doing that is by sharing this small snapshot of my life and the lesson I learned from it.

What I Learned

The taste of the soup for me was just a bonus; icing on the cake. The true power of this soup was not in the spices nor the meat. It was not the temperature or the consistency. The power of this soup was in it’s gesture. My casual conversation with my hearty-northlander neighbor sparked a conversation with his wife, which set in motion a series of events that compelled me to share this message.

A simple recognition of need and a gesture of kindness is something I believe we all can benefit from. There are many different avenues of kindness we all can take in our life, but for me, the simple actions wield the greatest results. Hold the door, shovel your neighbors walk, or use any other talents you may hold to better the lives of someone else. You don’t have to take on all the worlds problems and give until you have nothing left, but a simple gesture of kindness just may affect someones life more than you know.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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