Made in McGregor: Erin Napoli Designs

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In any small community, it takes many different people coming together to succeed. I am always looking for ways to support the community that supports my family and myself.  With that said, I would like to shine the spotlight on a local artist and business; Erin Napoli of Erin Napoli Designs.

Erin Napoli Designs

Erin and her husband Jon officially established their business, Erin Napoli Designs, in 2016. Erin and Jon design and hand craft items such as decorations, signs and paper goods right from their home in McGregor. Jon handles most of the cutting and sanding items and Erin does the design, paint, and brainstorming for the business. Along with crafts, they have worked with many different businesses around the area to create one of a kind pieces. I especially liked the cornhole boards they made for Big Sandy Lodge!



Strong Ties to McGregor

Erin has deep roots in our community. Reaching back into history, Erin’s grandfather graduated back in 1937 from McGregor High School. Erin herself graduated in 1999 from McGregor High school. After graduating, Erin moved to Duluth to gain a degree in graphic design. As time went on and their family grew,  Jon and Erin decided to make the move back to McGregor. They made this decision based on a desire to provide their son with the same experiences Erin had growing up in the area. This also provided an opportunity to be closer to their family here in McGregor.

Carving Out A Living

Erin and Jon hand craft all their items. This means that every piece of wood is designed, cut, sanded, and painted by hand locally. Erin and Jon are able to take a raw chunks of wood and transform it into a piece of art to be enjoyed. To me, there is no better gift than a piece someone poured their creative heart into. Whether you are decorating a home, buying a gift for someone, or looking for custom items for your business.  I can think of no better option than a hand crafted piece from Erin Napoli Designs, made right here in McGregor.

Community Over Competition

In talking with Erin about their business, she said something very powerful. I asked Erin something she would want people to know about her business. She stated that they love collaberating with other local crafters and small businesses and that they believe in community over competition. I thought that statement holds a lot of weight when living in a small community like ours. In my mind, community over competition means that instead of fighting our way through life to earn a living, we can support and work with other people and businesses in a way that everyone can succeed.

When you consider the hand crafted quality and community spirit that Erin Napoli designs brings, it is easy to see why it is a great business made right here in McGregor.

You can view all of their pieces available at

Also check them out on facebook: Erin Napoli Designs



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