Easy Talkin’ Turkey Craft

Lets face it, Halloween is over. Taking down all the spooky ghosts and jack-o-lanterns is always a bummer. Here is a great easy craft to cure the post Halloween blues!


For this craft these are the tools I used (and the corresponding materials on amazon):



To the Batcave!

Find some time to sneak away to the craft area and cut up some 2×4’s. I cut eight blocks, four at five inches and four at three inches. I cut them different lengths because like snowflakes, no two turkeys are alike!…. or maybe they are? img_1576


Scroll scroll scroll your boat…


I hand sketched out various peanut shaped pieces and cut them out on the scroll saw. I did one with a beak poking out and the rest just smooth. None of them are exactly alike. You could also try and just use bigger popsicle sticks instead of cutting these out but I think the end product looked great with them.


Lay it all out on the line

I laid out all the various blocks and figured out precisely where and how I wanted to lay out the popsicle sticks and heads. This is all personal preference. You can make as big or small of a fan as your big-ol’-thanksgiving-craft-lovin’ heart desires.

Now from here I glued on the heads first and stapled them with the air nailer, as well as glued and stapled the popsicle sticks on the back.

If you do not have an air stapler:


You can just glue them instead. The staples are just for added strength to keep it all together for many thanksgivings to come.


Brown them’ Birdys 


Grab the little gobblers in your life and slap some brown paint on the main body of the turkey. no need to be fussy or picky on where the paint ends up because you will be painting the feathers later.


Strut’ Your Stuff

Paint the remaining posicles various shades of reds and yellows and browns. Add a small beak and wattle…

If your like me and my wife, you don’t know what a wattle is and need to google what the red little dangly thing is called on a turkey. Well, heres the official description:

“Wattles are some of the most distinctive and memorable physical traits in turkeys. If you look at a turkey’s neck for even half a second, you’ll probably notice a long, meaty lump taking up precious real estate right below his chin. Wattles are particularly noticeable in male turkeys.” -some guy on the internet

Then dot the eyes and your finished. I like to add sunglasses on my little craft guys to make them look extra cool.


Get Googly With it

We like our googly eyes around these parts so we added a some to a few of the turkeys!


Now just to round up your flock and enjoy!


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