DIY Animal Catch Pole


Here is a basic diy walkthrough of how to make an animal catch pole without breaking the bank. This catch pole is light and easy to take along wherever life brings you.

Materials I used ( some with links to amazon where I bought them)


Cut your pipe

I laid out the pvc and used a sawzall to cut approximately six feet of pipe. You can cut at whatever length you desire.


Drill Baby Drill


The next step is to drill a small hole for the wire to fit through on the end of your catch pole. I used an 1/8″ bit and reamed it out a little bit. My hole was approximately a half inch away from the end of the pipe.




Take your ferule from the kit (or one from your local hardware store) and either put an end on it or a loop. This is done by sliding the wire through the small hole and smashing with a hammer. I looped it for a nice option to store the pole when not in use.


Thread the Needle


push the end of the wire back through to the other end of the pipe. Then slide your clothesline tensioner on to the wire and check for a good fit.


Pull handle


I made my catch loop out on the end to approximately as big of animal I anticipated catching. I made my end loop approximately 2 feet which was a little big looking back at it but you never know when you will need to wrangle bigfoot. Cut the approximate length you think you may want (personal choice depending on arm length) Then dry fit your tensioner and make another loop on the end.


Set it and forget it


Mix up the JB weld and do a light layer on the stepped ends of the clothesline tensioner. Slide the end of the tensioner inside the pipe and let sit for 24 hours to insure proper curing of the JB weld. I used a hammer to tap the end of the tensioner into the pipe a little tighter. As long as you have 1″ (inside) diameter PVC pipe it will fit like a glove. As you can see in the picture I removed the small clip on the clothesline tensioner as it was just getting in the way. It comes off easy.


Once the JB weld has cured you have the finished product! This pole has worked great for me!

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