It takes a (Spooky) Village

Two hot dogs walk into a grocery store… It sounds like a joke, but on this particular Halloween night, that actually happened. My son and I have a running tradition on Halloween to wear the same costumes. So, when he decided he wanted to be a hot dog, the deal was sealed. With trip to goodwill, and a little luck, we became brothers-in-buns; forever linked in our budding family Halloween costume history.

Our particular group was made up of two hot dogs, a unicorn, a Frankenstein, a pumpkin, and a narwhal. If your wondering what a narwhal is, join the club. My wife says it is some type of unicorn-whale hybrid.  Our first stop on our candy getting mission was Care Free Living. Some of the residents had lined up for handing out treats to the kids. Smiles erupted in the room as a Frankenstein, little hotdog and unicorn marched in with parents in tow. After collecting our goods and wishing Happy Halloween. We headed to our next spot.

We had some hot-off-the-press info that Ukuras Big Dollar was handing out candy to sweet-toothed trick-or-treaters, so we decided to include it in the treat acquisition plan.

I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about the fact that most hotdogs don’t fare well at the grocery store, and let my son know that we need to watch out for hungry shoppers. As we strolled into Ukuras, we were greeted by a big black spider residing over a large bowl of treats. The kids sang their trick or treat song, collected the goods, and off we were onto the “Trunk-or Treat” event at the school parking lot.

We visited spooky themed trunks, each manned by various hearty Minnesotans who stood bundled; handing out treats. One trunk was a cookie-monster that spit out treats from its mouth. Another trunk was intricately designed after a haunted house.  After some deliberation, we decided that the pirate themed trunk was the best. At this particular trunk, you must “walk the plank” (a board on some patio blocks… very cool idea) to recover the Halloween booty.

The final phase on our Halloween adventure was to hit the streets. We piled in and out of our vehicle, stopping to hit a few houses and back in to warm up. The narwhal in our group hasn’t quite reached the age of 1 yet so the pumpkin and I took turns sitting in the warm car with her. (Nothing to see here… Just a giant hot dog holding a squirmy narwhal driving down the street.) The little unicorn’s legs started to tire and buckets were full of goodies so we decided to pack up for home.

As we drove west on 210, a picturesque sunset was taking shape over the credit union.


At this moment, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of appreciation. I appreciate the person who organized the trunk or treat and who took time out of their day to paint all the little rocks like jack-o-lanterns to hand them out to strangers in a parking lot. I appreciate every person who froze standing in front of their trunks.  I appreciate the person who set up the trick-or-treating event at Care Free Living. I appreciate every person that opened up their doors and handed out treats.  I appreciate every person that put out Halloween decorations around town. I appreciate the time and money spent on decorations and setting up and tearing down after all the trick-or-treaters are gone. I appreciate the totality of work that lead up to my family having a great Halloween filled with laughs.

So from two hot dogs, a pumpkin and a sleepy little narwhal we just wanted to say thanks, and we can’t wait for next Halloween in McGregor!



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