A Simple Gesture of Kindness

It’s cold out there Let’s face it, winter is here around the McGregor area. Winter Storm Warnings are in full effect If you are in denial, take a step out your front door and shake hands with Jack Frost. Thanksgiving is here and Christmas soon to follow and before I consume an unhealthy amount ofContinue reading “A Simple Gesture of Kindness”

Made in McGregor: Erin Napoli Designs

In any small community, it takes many different people coming together to succeed. I am always looking for ways to support the community that supports my family and myself.  With that said, I would like to shine the spotlight on a local artist and business; Erin Napoli of Erin Napoli Designs. Erin Napoli Designs ErinContinue reading “Made in McGregor: Erin Napoli Designs”

DIY Animal Catch Pole

Here is a basic diy walkthrough of how to make an animal catch pole without breaking the bank. This catch pole is light and easy to take along wherever life brings you. Materials I used ( some with links to amazon where I bought them) 1/8th inch cable kit with ferules Bolt Cutters Hammer JB WeldContinue reading “DIY Animal Catch Pole”

Easy Talkin’ Turkey Craft

Lets face it, Halloween is over. Taking down all the spooky ghosts and jack-o-lanterns is always a bummer. Here is a great easy craft to cure the post Halloween blues! For this craft these are the tools I used (and the corresponding materials on amazon): Miter Saw Scroll Saw Spare Blades Palm Sander Sanding DiscsContinue reading “Easy Talkin’ Turkey Craft”

It takes a (Spooky) Village

Two hot dogs walk into a grocery store… It sounds like a joke, but on this particular Halloween night, that actually happened. My son and I have a running tradition on Halloween to wear the same costumes. So, when he decided he wanted to be a hot dog, the deal was sealed. With trip toContinue reading “It takes a (Spooky) Village”