Simple Coffee Mug Storage

Don’t let your kitchen get Mugged!

At our house, we love coffee. A crucial step to starting my day is always stumble over to the coffee maker and fire up a cup. I am a bit of a coffee cup fanatic and am not afraid to say that we hoard coffee mugs. Christmas mugs, Halloween mugs, hunting mugs, etc.. all occupy a healthy chunk of our cabinet space. Being a mug hoarder, as well as a lover of neat and tidy kitchen has created a problem.


Getting Mugged of my organizational kitchen zen.


Hang em’ High

Here we have a snapshot of my now-organized coffee station at my house. Don’t mind the crumby mess on my toaster! Blame it on the KIDS!!! Before we hung the mug, my morning routine included opening the cabinet and rummaging through various cups and bottles and mugs to find the exact one I was looking for. Now, with this sweet java-refueling setup, I select whatever mug I would like with ease. I completed this project in 5 minutes and you can too!

The Tools I Used:

  • Drill and 1/16″ drill bit
  • Cup Hooks I used (I recommend searching for whatever color/size matches your needs)
  • Measuring tape.


I marked out the spacing under my cabinets to see exactly where to screw the hooks. I recommend hanging a mug on and holding up to see where you would like it to sit. My mugs were spaced approximately 5 inches apart. I drilled in only approximately 3/8″ into my wood.

PRO TIP- Measure the exact depth of the screw on your hook and put



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