Poor Man’s Wash Station

If life is a sandbox, and we are all just playing in it, we’re bound to have some dirty hands right? Well, I for sure seem to get dirty all the time no matter what. Which for a bachelor that maybe lives in his cave all the time, that may be fine. But this guy (two thumbs pointing at myself) found himself a real woman, and that lady doesn’t like me leaving bloody, dirty, greasy, etc. marks all over her house. So that means I have a problem.


I have a heated detached garage commonly described as a

MANCAVE meme.jpg

and in this


is where I do all my

work meme.jpg

and when I do all my

work meme

I get dirty; mainly my hands.


I contacted the warden (my wife) and petitioned for some more funds because the inmates (my children) were getting paint all over the garage when we were doing crafts, and I needed a better setup to clean them and the walls up. The warden informed me that due to poor life choices by the sheriff in town (me) that I would have to skip a few meals to afford such an upgrade. Little did she know that this Sheriff (two thumbs pointing towards me) recently started a gluten-free-dairy-free-sugar-free-anytypeofgoodfood-free diet, and I might as well trade in eating for mancave upgrades.

I had searched around on craigslist for awhile and found a stainless steel countertop which I paid precisely $29 for. $29 is an odd number to settle on for any item, but it was craigslist and weird things happen on craigslist. I chose the stainless steel because I wanted a tough, easy to clean surface for all the crafts, meat processing, and fish cleaning we do. I had a 5 gallon bucket laying around the shop. I also had a workbench I had build out of 2×4’s and plywood not doing a whole lot in my pole shed so I decided to put them all together and boom! Instant garage sink. img_1406img_1405

I took off the old top of the workbench and used Liquid Nails to secure it to the frame of the bench.

I then added an 7 Gallon Aqua-tainer storage jug with spigot to the counter to complete the wash station.

Here is a video look at the setup:


I have built many different benches around our pole shed and garage and put them all on these  Caster Wheels.

It has been great to have in the garage, and I find myself utilizing this sink quite about during all my various projects. It also will be good during the warmer months because I plan on wheeling this outside in the summertime when it comes time to clean fish. I will hook the garden hose right up to the old faucet and have a mobile wash station/fish cleaning setup.

This is an easy to replicate project that will bring a lot of value to your




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