First Look: Wen Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Wen Scroll Saw on  Amazon
Wen Scroll Saw on Amazon

I recently purchased a Wen Scroll saw on amazon for small woodworking crafts. I have three hours cutting on it so far. In this review, I will break down the pros and cons I have encountered thus far. As a note to the article: I have never owned or operated a scroll saw in my life.



Weight and Size

When I first pulled this saw out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how light the whole unit was. The saw weighs in at just 26 pounds. It is easily manageable and compact enough to store under the workbench when you don’t need it and pull it out when you do. I have to share my mancave with my wife’s car during the winter so space and organization are important.

Here it sits under the workbench neatly tucked away

Setup and Operation-

After reading the operation manual, I set the saw on a movable cable reel table I made for general shop projects. I Plugged the saw in and attached a Shop Vac to the dust port on the saw. This helps suck the dust from the cut into a container and keeps it from floating all around your shop. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet the machine is. When I fired up the saw at full speed, I quickly realized that this baby was smooth and quiet. I was wearing ear muffs and think I could have gotten away without them. 

The wood I was cutting on was 1/2″ thick scrap wood of various types. The Saw came with three different blades and I opted for the medium sized blade. I purchased spare Blades right away. They are 5″ pin end blades. Swapping blades was quick and easy. It was good to have extra blades around because depending on how good you are and the quality of the blades, you may have to swap out. I got approximately 45 minutes of cut time on the blades I was using.

Here is a video of the saw in action on full speed:

Changing the blade out is simple:

Unplug the machine, lift the blade tension handle, push the head down and insert your pin-head blade. Push the blade tensioner back into its original position and saw your little heart out!

Adjusting the foot for your thickness:

Unplug the machine, loosen the adjustment know on the left hand size of the saw and slide the foot down onto the wood. You don’t want the foot down hard on the wood as it will be harder to manipulate the angles. Light pressure will keep the wood from jumping around and save your hands extra work holding the wood in place. 

Being a first-timer-scrollsawer-guy with sausage fingers, there was a learning curve and with practice, I fully expect to extend the life of the blades.

Pro Tip: I quickly learned that pushing harder does not equal more efficiant cutting. Do not try and force the wood into the blade. Slowly feed the wood and let the blade chew the wood. You will end up with a smoother cut and extend the life of your blade.


Here you can see I was cutting out a pumpkin. This particular wood was oak. Oak is a harder wood and the saw performed great. 

Small Features I liked:

I liked the adjustable light on the saw. I have decent lighting in my Mancave, but the led light was nice to place right where I wanted it. 

The speed adjustment knob on the right of the saw easily allowed me to slow the blade during tight intricate cuts and speed up on longer portions of the cut. This allowed me great control of the operation. It was also nice to start on a slower speed while I was learning.

There is a small blade storage compartment on the left hand side of the saw. This is not a major feature, but something deep inside of me loves organization. Keeping all my blades together in a compartment allows me to have everything I need in one place and saves the headache of hunting for blades when I have a short amount of time to work on projects.

Price Point:

Being a husband and papa bear to three hungry cubs means keeping the budget in check. Coming in at about $125 on Amazon is fairly light on the wallet compared to other models. For my application, we will be using this scroll saw periodically for crafts. I will not be using it every day. With that said, the overall quality of the saw is great. It does not feel cheap or flimsy and performed great for everything I was throwing at it. 


Not A lot to Say Here-

Let me first say, WEN is not supporting this review and I have don’t have any attachments to the company. (But if Wen marketing people are reading this, I WANT ALL YOUR WOODWORKING TOOLS!!!!) In the interest of a well rounded review, I feel some pressure to have solid points about the cons of this machine, but I am struggling to come up with much.

The only real small issue I had with this machine is I had to adjust the level on the foot so it sat flush on the wood. That’s it.


When I consider the small investment into the unit, the ease I had setting up and operating, and the overall experience of the saw, I would whole heartedly recommend this saw to anyway who may ever need a scroll saw. The value, ease of use, and  practicality of having a scroll saw in your craft area makes it a no brainer.

Here is some examples of what I cut out so far:


And here is the link to how to make them:

Googly Eyed Halloween Fun!


Here again is the link to purchase:

 Wen Scroll Saw on Amazon




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