Setting up your Craft Cave!

So here you are, all fired up to do some crafts. Coffee is hot, breakfast is cleaned up and its time to bang out some of those great holiday crafts your kids have been bugging you about. If only you had a space in your home/garage where you could start and stop crafts at a moments notice. I am a busy working Dad with kids, a wife, a full time job and a lot of ideas but not a lot of time. I will show you basic craft cave setup that I have built and what has worked for me. Here is a panoramic view where all the crafty magic happens.


As you can see, It is a bit of a cluttered mess, but I will focus on the essentials.

My particular Craft Cave is a small insulated two car garage with propane heater. Most of my crafts are done in the wee hours of the morning or late at night after the kids are sleeping and the dishes are done. Here are the basic bare necessities I have acquired mostly off amazon.


In the beginning, man had small fires to light up the cave. That didn’t do much for cutting out tiny pieces on the scroll saw. Time to upgrade to these super bright corncob leds. I bought two of each of this style.

The first two lights I tried were these:


Relatively cheap and effective for great usable lights. I have ran these lights for one year now and they are working great. They are light LED’s and screw into standard light bulb socket. Click on the picture for the link to Amazon:

The next two lights I Installed were these Amazon ones:


These are a 20W equivalent LED with great light output. at around $30 for two it was not a bad deal. I have ran these for about a year as well with good results. Click on the picture for a link to Amazon:

Both of these Lights do a great job and I would recommend purchasing either for your setup. The only caution is that they are very bright. They work good for task lighting but if your trying to set up a craft cave where you will also be trying to nap they might be a little harsh. Unless your into napping with the sunglasses on.

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